Present Qualifications:

I start each horse in the round pen with join up (Monty Roberts) and then flow right into the liberty work/body language, along with voice commands (Cherry Hill) to establish a connection to each horse! I've also seen success using the cluck/treat training (Mustang Maddy - Madison Shambaugh) in very wild horses that greatly feared humans!


In 2008, I started training with the very gentle Clinton Anderson (Down Under Horsemanship Method) along with Julie Goodnight's training for some of my problem horses! I've also studied the CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) safety guideline for certification as an Instructor and a Barn Manager. 


I have been an active Barn Manager, Horse Trainer and Instructor for many years! Some rescue horses prefer different methods of connecting and training to succeed!  

I am always improving my skills by learning from the many different personalities of the horses, and from many professional who have worked hundreds of horses. 

So, I choose what works best for each individual horse! I love learning and I love training! 

Great trainers continue their education in horsemanship skills to assist the horses in being the best they can be, and in providing the skills necessary to ‚Äčthe owner/rider so they can be a successful rider and partner with their horse!!!

Our Horse Rescue Services

Our Farm Services

A Horse Rescue Where You And Your Horse Will Feel At Home.

Horse Training

I have over 38 years training experience with western trail horses for your fun and pleasure. My favorite horse trainers are Clinton Anderson, Julie Goodnight, Madison Shambaugh, Monty Roberts, Cherry Hill and more.  To be an excellent trainer we stay open to learning more ways of natural horsemanship to better the horse and rider experience. Each rescue horse requires a different type of training to help them succeed!

Horse Care and Rehabilitation

Horses at this facility are fed premium alfalfa 2-3 times a day (grass hay when needed), grained once a day with bran, wet COB, vegetable oil, supplements and vitamins, watered down like a thick soup, which they love! Each horse gets personal attention daily with a thorough grooming (where we bond with the horse), including mane and tail, hooves are cleaned, along with necessary ointments and sprays applied when needed. 

Select Volunteer Program

March 2020 - Our volunteer program is currently closed! 

Select volunteers assist with a variety of daily barn chores such as:  cleaning the stalls, grooming the horses, walking the horses in the arena and out on the trail, assisting with horse training on occasion, desensitizing horses to objects, horseback riding (depending upon your skills and abilities), and more. Each horse requires something different. We change to meet the individual  needs of each horse.  

Adopt Your New Rescue Horse Today

Adopt/Purchase your new horse and best friend today. Apply today! Qualifications include at the minimum: 1( A 3-sided shelter with a roof (preferably metal with pipe tube):  2) 4 to 6 rail pipe tube panel fencing for a 20' x 20' paddock (400 Sq. Ft.): 3) Water - 25 + gallons: 4) Alfalfa/grass/grain/supplements/salt block: 5) Horse handling knowledge: 6) Application approved: 7) Facility approved

The Training begins at a very early age!

We love every minute of our journey

Awareness and Education

Select volunteers are introduced to each one of the horses at the facility and then the volunteer is paired up with the horses that best fit their abilities. Hands on training is provided for each volunteer on the horses they are working with from grooming, bathing, walking with the horse in partnership at liberty, and on into the actual training process. Volunteers learn about the individual horses backgrounds and abilities, and how to handle to horses they are working with. Each time we are with the horses, they are learning as well as the volunteer. 

Donations and Gifts

Donations and Gifts are always accepted to continue providing top quality care for each one of these very special horses we rescue, rehabilitate, retrain and re-home! Your gifts and donations provide for grass hay and premium alfalfa for each new arrival, as well as grain, vitamins, supplements, salt, wormers and more depending upon the horses needs. Veterinary exams and inoculations (shots) are administered for each new horse as soon as they can be handled safely.  Chiropractic adjustments are done on just about every horse we rescue, and Farrier Care is also completed for each horse. Saddles, bridles and halters of all sizes are welcome gifts because every horse comes in a different size. Each new rescue goes to their new loving home with a halter and lead fit for that specific horse.  

Rescue horses rehabilitation process

Rescue horses that comes to this facility typically stays for about 3 to 4 months or longer. It takes the average rescue horse that long to gain the proper weight, adjust to a newly integrated nutritional program and to be able successfully complete all of the training programs set up for them both physically and mentally. During that time they go through the process of being gentled and handled calmly by several people. The horses stand ground tied, usually eating from a feeder,  for grooming and tacking up. Each horse stands quietly, and patiently in the round pen or arena, while eagerly watching you, and awaiting your voice commands and watching your body language signals, as they go through most of the training required for them to be a successful partner and friend. All horses are handled by several loving people during this time and introduced to many new things they may encounter during their next seasons of their lives. 

Every horse is set up to be a success story! We want you to have a very successful life with your new rescue, partner and best friend!